Roxy Theatre

Terms of Service

Roxy Theatre wants to make your purchase experience easy and efficient. Because of the abuse that often is attempted on sites such as ours, we have set and enforce certain purchase policies. These policies are for your protection of our customers and the theater. Our goal is to provide you with a great experience, beginning with the purchase of your ticket and continuing through the show. We believe that the way to do this is to provide complete information about the process and associated rules. Please take a moment to read them.


Roxy Theatre does not offer refunds or exchanges of tickets or service fees associated with the tickets which are purchased from our website. When a ticket is purchased on our site, the ticket is removed from the theater’s inventory of tickets for that show. To guarantee you a seat at the show, we cannot sell your ticket to another patron. When you purchase tickets from our site, you are asked to verify your order. BE SURE TO CHECK THE TITLE, DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION BEFORE YOU FINALIZE YOUR PURCHASE. A purchase is finalized by clicking on “Place Order” or “Complete Purchase.” If you cannot attend a show, you may contact the theater from which the ticket was purchased and ask about their policy dealing with refunds and/or exchanges. We recommend you contact the theater as soon as possible if you cannot attend the show as their refund or exchange policy may be influenced by whether they believe they can sell the ticket, you have purchased, to another patron. Refunds or exchanges can only be made at the theater for which you have purchased the ticket(s); the place which you would redeem the tickets you have purchased from our website. Refund and exchange policies are set by each individual theater and we have no control over them. The service charge will be retained by Roxy Theatre and is not refundable under any circumstances.


Tickets purchased on are identical to the tickets purchased in the theater’s Box Office. Upon purchase a seat is confirmed for the selected show time. Unless “assigned” seating is available for the individual theater and show, the seat location for each show is provided on a first come, first served basis.


Following the purchase of your ticket(s), you will receive an email confirmation. It contains important information about retrieving your tickets at the theater. While tickets can always be redeemed with the confirmation number provided in the email, we encourage all customers to bring a printed copy of the confirmation email, the credit card used to make the purchase, and some form of photo identification.


Box Office: The theater’s Box Office can print your purchased tickets by using your confirmation number. Concessions: In the case of a theater operating “dual” stations (stations which sell both tickets and concessions), a cashier can print your purchased tickets by using the confirmation number. Kiosk: Some theaters offer self-service Kiosks at which you can redeem tickets using the confirmation number provided in your confirmation email. Please familiarize yourself with the available pick-up options at the theater when you arrive for your show. Call ahead to the theatre if you have any questions concerning ticket pick-up.


All theater locations accept Discover, MasterCard and, Visa. Acceptance of American Express varies by location. Accepted cards are listed just above the credit card entry field. We accept pre-paid, single use cards, as well.


Charges on your credit card statement will appear as the merchant name associated with the theater from which you purchased the ticket(s).


Roxy Theatre does not set the ticket prices, show times, or policies or offer discount coupons or passes. These are set by the theater that is offering the show you have chosen. If there are taxes assessed on theater ticket sales, these will be based on the total ticket price and will be included in your total charge. If you have questions or concerns regarding a ticket purchase please contact the theater, for which you purchased your ticket, directly. If you have questions about terms of service, please contact us.